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Ruin Servers!
IRC:               irc.ruin.cc (6667)
Minecraft:     mc.ruin.cc

Ruin's servers are hosted professionally with high uptime. Our primary server operates with 24GB of RAM, a high-end CPU, a solid-state HDD, and a 100mbit internet connection.
Ruin also operates redundant servers in multiple geographical locations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Mission Statement

Ruin Community is dedicated to providing a fun, "kid safe" gaming environment for people of all ages. We will strive to be the leading provider of online popular gaming services for people who don't want to focus on any one particular gaming niche. We do not want any user to feel unworthy or uncomfortable about thier experience in online gaming.

Ruin Community is aimed at creating a "clubhouse" type atmosphere where gamers seeking fun will always find it. We do not allow or condone any sort of negativity involving racism, bigotry, harassment, bullying, etc. 

Ruin Community wishes to provide an escape to a world of like minded individuals with a common goal: Having fun, for the fun of it. 

We have 7 years of experience, 4 of which have been spent dedicated to running Ruin Community as it stands today.

- The Ruin Community Staff
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Where's Ruin?

[A] Jitaki a posted Aug 2, 14
Ruin is offline.

Ruin has unfortunately, not been "self sustaining" for one full year.  (August of 2013 was the last time donations paid our service bills in full).  Since last August, a few individuals have been personally supporting Ruin.  And, we all thank you.

However, due to the duration (1 year), in which we have not received sustaining donations, we have decided it's time to let it go.  The cost for an individual person each month is too great, and we cannot ask for this to continue.

We had a great run, and I want to thank everyone who participated over the last 4 years.  Thank you for making Ruin a great place to hang out!

The website and Vent will still be here for a while yet.

- Ray (Jitaki)
[VIP] OblivionCreator It's been a good run, ruin! Sure, many people may not know me or even hate me but I spent 2 years on ruin and they were ...
[VIP] tobbissen Ruin was a great Place to be. I met New wonderful People. When i first joined the server for about 2 years ago i underst ...
Tam are the players looking for a server while this server is offline cause i have created a server
[VIP] OblivionCreator   created a new thread This is the end... Let's talk! in the General forum
[A] Jitaki   published Where's Ruin? on News
[VIP] Cia Park   created a new thread Cia's drawing in the Anime & Manga forum
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RIP <3 y'all, cant say I didn't see this coming.
R.I.P Ruin Community, we had a good run, but everything good ends eventually...
tam whats the ip?
hacktix2k4 on steam
p.s:i have a steam account and i have goat simulator and garry's mod on steam and other games
said server 3 times lol
are the players looking for servers while the server is down cause i have created a server
so the server is extinct!
My facebooks are Jitaki Khamsi
My steams is theclankinator as well, the one with the weird cat picture as well
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