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Ruin Servers!
IRC:               irc.ruin.cc (6667)
Minecraft:     mc.ruin.cc

Ruin's servers are hosted professionally with high uptime. Our primary server operates with 24GB of RAM, a high-end CPU, a solid-state HDD, and a 100mbit internet connection.
Ruin also operates redundant servers in multiple geographical locations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Mission Statement

Ruin Community is dedicated to providing a fun, "kid safe" gaming environment for people of all ages. We will strive to be the leading provider of online popular gaming services for people who don't want to focus on any one particular gaming niche. We do not want any user to feel unworthy or uncomfortable about thier experience in online gaming.

Ruin Community is aimed at creating a "clubhouse" type atmosphere where gamers seeking fun will always find it. We do not allow or condone any sort of negativity involving racism, bigotry, harassment, bullying, etc. 

Ruin Community wishes to provide an escape to a world of like minded individuals with a common goal: Having fun, for the fun of it. 

We have 7 years of experience, 4 of which have been spent dedicated to running Ruin Community as it stands today.

- The Ruin Community Staff
News and Feed
We are still here.

I know the lack of updates has lead to some of you thinking that we're dead, but that's not the case. Currently we're in the middle of a server overhaul, and it's in the hands of one person at this time. That person is unfortunately dealing with some real life issues at the present and has been unable to continue their work on the server over the last several weeks. Hopefully it will be resolved soon and the progress can continue once more!

So once more to reiterate, we are not dead. We're simply delayed (Doesn't this happen every time we do a server overhaul? lol). Just because you aren't seeing changes doesn't mean nothing has been happening these last few months. The staff have laid the foundation for the future of the Minecraft server, and are working on making it the best version of Ruin yet! Unfortunately we don't have a solid date for release due to the unforseen issues that have popped up, but I will say "SOON" and leave it at that.

Thank you for your patience, everyone.
-The Ruin Community Staff
the minecraft eula has been modified, and there are new rules in play. so im going to break it down for you...
:VIP. our VIP feature of our servers affects more then minecraft. this grey area in the VIP system is still legal. ALSO, with the planned POINTS system that we are adding (advertising,voting,etc.,) YOU CAN get VIP WITHOUT having to buy it.
: VIP WORLDS. a planned implementation to our new server. we CAN sell world as they are hosted on a separate server from the regular minecraft servers. they just have access via our linking system for convenience . to include on the purchase to this access, we are allowing them a few non standard permissions within the other worlds that have minimal effect to gameplay
: WE CAN AND WILL NO LONGER SELL CURRENCY. HOWEVER: due to the in game shop system and trading system, we CAN legally sell you in game items that you can do with as you please. This means you can sell them in game to get currency in return.
:ADVERTISING: in order to support our server,we may(or may not) implement a advertising system to subsidize cost.these will be like the stander server announcements, but with a clickable link to to to their website.
we still accept donations to pay for the site and server hosting. you can receive points you can use twords vip or other items on our server.



[A] UnoAphex I read up on the EULA changes, its pretty much just a big joke. My question is, what makes anyone comply with these chan ...
[SA] Cleafspear a TL:DR: Ruin is updating to be compliant and legal server.a few changes will be made but it wont cause too much trouble t ...
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Oh btw i made a showcase on the new survival spawn... is it ok for me to put it online? like a teaser to the real thing...
ok maybe later then. ;)
@Visde, we're having enough problems with the plugins we currently have - Cleaf's had to rewrite a couple of them to get them to play nice. At this point I think adding more is a bad idea.
Blame the visduru >:L
can we add village protect? i kinde need it for a project...
Got a new second PC :d
blame it on the enda! ;)
Why must you blame me OhIForgot...I didn't do anything to you...recently...
But but but...I suck at it, for two reasons; 1) I'm a perfectionist (sorta) so I can never stick with what I make, and 2) I suck at it entirely
Ruin's not dead yet. Cleaf has some family things he's doing so progress hs stopped on the new server until he returns.
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