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Ruin Servers!
IRC:               irc.ruin.cc (6667)
Minecraft:     mc.ruin.cc

Ruin's servers are hosted professionally with high uptime. Our primary server operates with 24GB of RAM, a high-end CPU, a solid-state HDD, and a 100mbit internet connection.
Ruin also operates redundant servers in multiple geographical locations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Ruin Community

Ruin is currently taking a break from the Minecraft world.

You may still use the website, and chat with us on IRC or Ventrilo.

- The Ruin Community Staff
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eya04   created a new thread Naruto in the Anime & Manga forum
[A] Jitaki   uploaded an image to Members
eya04   created a new thread No idea whut to put. anyone like One Piece here? in the Anime & Manga forum
[A] JitakiI started drawing 12 days ago, and have put up 1 drawing every day since I started xD The progress is realllllllll
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I would like to know what the new ip is for atv.rocks when we get it so i know plz
welp, that was fun? Anyone who wants can add my on skype, justin-leekerr :3
unfortunatly I am closing the server on April 12, we did not get enough traffic for me to keep the server up. sorry everyone
Oh so Ruin is back huh...
I will be on at uhhhhh 8pm until midnight on Friday eastern time ALSO ADD ME ON SKYPE OMG SIGH SRSLY LOL jk but srsly.
No One will find it >:sick:
I have hiden my First Night Safe House Safe :sick: :sick: :sick:
We should all get on at one time, to kind of jump start the servers
aand im back to EnderBoyJLK XD
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